Trip Admin

Use the “Trip Admin” button to Export, Rename, Close or Delete the currently running trip.

Export Trip

Please use Trip Admin to export the current trip. An email will be sent to the address specified in the settings screen, containing a KMZ file composed of the trip route, photos, comments and stats. The KMZ file can be later opened with Google Earth. Use the export feature to keep your friends and family up to date with what you have been doing lately in your vacation.
Export tips:
1) You might find easier to export the trip to your email address, and then forward it to all your friends and family from there, since at present the application only allows exporting to one email address at a time.
2) It is recommended to use the Server Export option, which uses our email server to export the trip.

Take Photo

Take a photo (with GPS coordinates) and add it to the trip. You can name the photo and attach a comment. The photo taken this way will be saved as a “Trip Photo” and will not be connected with any waypoint. The “Trip Photos” can be later viewed in the “Trip View” screen (pls. see below) or on the map.

Write note

At any time, you can write a note. Notes can be later accessed from the “Trip View” screen (pls. see below)

New Waypoint

Creates a new waypoint. A waypoint is a container that stores different types of information on a visited place, including coordinates, photos, notes. It is better to create waypoints, and add content to them rather than add photos or notes directly to the trip as described in the above two sections. Please see current waypoint screen below for detailed information.

Track Route

Route Tracking is probably Trip Journal’s most important feature. Press the “Track Route” button to turn the track route on and off. Having the Track Route on means that the device is permanently receiving GPS coordinates from the satellites for the user’s position. In this way, the exact travel route of the user is recorded, can be viewed real time in the application Maps screen and can be shared with your friends and family in the export file.

Lock Screen

It is recommended to use the Lock Screen feature to prevent the accidental actions. Please read more about Lock Screen below.

Trip View

It is recommended to use the Lock Screen feature to prevent the accidental actions. Please read more about Lock Screen below.

Current Waypoint

The current waypoint button takes you to the Current Waypoint Screen (described below) where you can add new items to the current waypoint (photos, notes). Create a new waypoint (from the Current Trip Screen) every time you visit a new location.

Locate on Map

Shows the recorded trip on the map (please see a detail description below).

Waypoints list

The list of recorded waypoints in the selected trip.

Photos list

The list of photos taken in the selected trip.

Notes list

The list of notes written in the selected trip.

Trip statistics

The statistics for the selected trip

Waypoint’s photos

Access the list of photos that have been attached to the waypoint.

Waypoint’s coordinates

Details on the waypoint’s GPS coordinates, altitude, stats

Trip Stats

Trip statistics

Last track route entries

The list of the last GPS points recorded by the application. With Track Route on, the list will update with very new GPS read.

Unlock screen

Double click the “Unlock Screen” Button to return to the application.

Item details panel

Shows details on the selected item. Select an item by tapping on it or by using the next / previous controls on the bottom toolbar. The details panel can be opened / closed by taping on it once.

Waypoint, Photo, Current position

Map Controls

- Scroll the map to move in a certain direction
- Use the standard iPhone control to zoom in / zoom out
- Tap an item to select it
- Double tap an item to select it and zoom to its surroundings

Next / Previous

Moves to the next / previous item in the list

Follow Mode

Takes you to the current position / Last known position and follows your movement on the map is Track Route is on.