Trip Journal Features

TJ Feature 1

Record trip information

Trip Journal allows easily documenting your travel experiences and automatically tracking your itinerary in real time, while having fun vacationing. Trip stats including distance, time and geography traveled are also automatically documented and included in the journal.

Geo-tagged trip information such as visited destinations, photos, video, comments or blog entries can be easily integrated in your trip journal while visiting, or at a later time, for keeping your memories.

The recorded information, including your traveled itinerary and current position, are displayed in the application in real time, on either Google Maps or Open Maps. The trip information can also be accessed by chronologically browsing the locations list and media galleries as well as the blog entries. All the recorded items are fully editable. Trip Journal also supports past trip management and multiple trip management. Keep an archive of your trips; don’t let your memories pass away.

TJ Feature 2

We have put lots of effort into developing a top GPS correction algorithm, which makes Trip Journal probably the most accurate GPS tracking solution currently available.

Share your experiences

Impress your friends by sending them real time updates from the visited destinations, and let them know about your latest activities.

With Google Earth integration, Trip Journal allows friends and family to easily see your traveling routes, waypoints for visited destinations – including address and location, full screen photos, videos, comments and notes, as your journey unfolds. All information becomes viewable through Trip Journal’s exquisite Google Earth Export, at a click of a button. The number of media items and blog entries that can be included in the export is not limited in any way, photos are shared in full size, and the export contains all recorded trip information which can be instantly shared with those at home. This is the most complete and impressive trip sharing solution available for iPhone.

Photos can also be shared straight from the application through Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, and videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube. Photo and video comments that are linked with media are uploaded to your favorite sharing portals as well.

Use GPS tweeting to quickly inform your friends on your current position, which can be instantly viewed by everyone on Google Maps. As media sharing is also integrated with Twitter, it is now easy to inform people on your newest photo albums, uploaded while vacationing.

TJ KMZ Export