Tutorial: Embed Your Trip

The embedded trips from Trip Journal look great on the major blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, and Squarespace plus popular microblogging sites like Posterous and Tumblr.

To get started, let’s take care of first things first. If you haven’t done so already in Facebook, you’ll need to add the FREE Trip Journal Facebook App.

Step 1

After you’ve completed your trip in Trip Journal, tap Share Trip – Facebook Export.

Check that Include Route is ticked and check your Export Type. You have the option to share All Photos in your trip or only Waypoint Photos by changing the Export Type. If needed, tap Facebook Settings to change the Export Type.



Step 2

Go to the Trip Journal Facebook application and select the Settings Tab to make sure your privacy settings for new trips is set to Public. This setting allows you to embed your trip.

Step 3

Select the My Trips Tab and click on the trip you wish to share. Now simply select the Embed Tab, chose one of the three available sizes and copy the embed code.

Step 4

Paste the embed code into your blogging platform HTML editor (try to use the raw code).

And that’s it! Now the only thing left to do is check out the embed on your blog. Here’s an example at 425 x 344.

Happy traveling and blogging!