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  November 2011  

A New Release of Trip Journal for iPhone and Android Just In Time For The Holidays

28th Nov, 2011

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Trip Journal for iPhone 7.0This holiday season we are so thankful to know that many of you will be sharing your holiday travels with Trip Journal. Track your route, add your favorite photos and video, and jot down notes to remember about the places you visited. You can write notes in the journal to describe your vacation experiences and you can add comments to photos and videos as well.

When you are ready to share your trip, we’ve integrated Trip Journal with your favorite social networks and content sharing portals, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, and Twitter, to bring you more interactivity than ever before. Along with viewing your photos, you can see your entire trip on the map with our Trip Journal for Facebook app and invite your Facebook friends and family as well.

With Google Earth integration, Trip Journal allows friends and family to easily see the route you traveled, the places you found most interesting, and full screen photos, videos, and comments about the places you visited. It even includes trip stats like the distance, time and geography you traveled.

We’re also thankful for your continued feedback on how we can make Trip Journal even better. One thing you asked us to do was to make it easier for you to create trips. This new version of Trip Journal continues to offer you great features to create and share a memorable travelogue but we’ve made some changes that make it easier than ever to capture a media-rich travelogue of your travel experiences and share them with friends and family.

This version improves the on screen experience by shortening the number of steps you’ll need to perform any given task in creating your trip and it’s fully supporting retina display for a vivid picture for iOS5, and better graphics for Android.

We’ve also heard your feedback on adding Waypoints. We went to work on this request and now there is no need to navigate through multiple menus and screens — you can create your trip with a few simple steps in one main screen. Waypoints are now called Places and it’s much clearer how to organize all the media and notes for the Places that you’ve added on the map in your trip journal.

We encourage our long-time users to try out the new Design and Usability for a while.
Our experience is that the application is a lot more usable now and we are still working on the fine details of the UI design in future updates. Please send your feedback using the page at

What you’ll get in the end with Trip Journal, no matter which version you use, are one-of-a-kind travel journals handcrafted by you, rich with your travel experience and full of great travel memories captured for many years to come that you can share anytime and anywhere, with family and friends far or near.

For our nostalgic users who prefer the old look of Trip Journal, we will re-publish the former version of Trip Journal as a free app, under a name to be announced soon. You’ll be able to export/import trips between the two apps.

If you would like to be informed when the old-style app is available in the Store please subscribe to our newsletter.

Download Trip Journal for Android
Download Trip Journal for iPhone

Important Update on Trip Journal 7.0 for iPhone!

Due to technical issues, version 7.0 of Trip Journal for iPhone asked previous paid users of Trip Journal to buy In-App Purchases for trips. This was an error and we apologize for this. We went to work on a fix as soon as we were aware. We were unable to fix the issue with an update while still keeping the In-App Purchase option for previous users so we removed the app from the store until we have version 7.1 approval from Apple that simply removes In-App Purchases completely for existing paid users.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that Apple will approve the new update as soon as possible.

Users who updated to 7.0 and got the IAP request to buy trips, should upgrade when 7.1 is out.  You will be able to enjoy the full features of Trip Journal without any further payments.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Trip Viewer – Let The Journey Begin

Set your sails for a journey through your trip with Trip Viewer for iPad. With the Trip Viewer app, travelers have a rewarding way to enjoy their trip all over again and an interactive way to share their trips with friends and family. Trips are easily imported to Trip Viewer by email and iTunes, including GPX trips from any GPS app and GPS device. It’s the perfect companion app for Trip Journal.

When you open a trip in Trip Viewer, you’ll be able to rediscover your trip from beginning to end — marked points of interest along your route, the memorable photos you snapped, amazing videos of events during your trip, and notes you record about a photo or place. With a push of a button, you can also enrich your trip experience with real-time, geo-location aware Flickr photos along the route.

Trip Viewer also includes a Slideshow feature that will take you through your trip waypoint by waypoint, displaying the photos and videos you recorded along the way. You can let the slideshow play or jump ahead to any point of interest on the route.

You can add as many trips as you want to Trip Viewer — your own or trips your friends have shared with you. Sharing your travel experiences will never be the same again!

Trip Viewer is available for download now. It’s FREE in the AppStore. DOWNLOAD NOW!

You can also watch Trip Viewer on YouTube.



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